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Read all about what St.Vincen’ts students are striving for in science class and all subjects.

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In partnership with parents as the primary educators of their children, St. Vincent de Paul School empowers its students by providing them with a quality Catholic education.

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Check out our latest blog posts, project reviews, video tutorials and the latest Science News. Find out what Science teacher and maker, Mr. Arnas, is fascinated by this week in Science News!

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Scientists Create Glowing Plants

"Emitting an eerie green glow, they look like foliage from a retro computer game, but in fact they are light-emitting plants produced in a laboratory.  Researchers say the glowing greenery could not only add an unusual dimension to home decor but also open up a fresh...

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Groundbreaking Spinosaurus Discovery

"A single tail from one of the largest and most enigmatic dinosaur species looks to have solved a longstanding mystery about these extinct creatures: whether they could swim.  The discovery of a giant fossilized tail belonging to the theropod Spinosaurus aegyptiacus...

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