Happy Halloween Spider Fans!

  In celebration of Halloween, 2nd Grade has made a SuperVikingScience Video!  Check out some cool facts about spiders by linking to their video here! Happy Halloween everyone!

Halloween and Carving Pumpkins!

  Halloween is one of my most favorite days!  Why?  Because you get to dress up and eat candy and have loads of fun! I looked up some information at Histroy.com and found that Halloween “….has roots in age-old European traditions. It originated with...

Slime is Everywhere

  So we all know about slime and at one time or another made some. In fact, we have two SuperVikingScience videos on slime! You can link to the DIY Slime and Halloween Slime Goo to learn some fun ways to make your own slime!  Last week I was talking with my...

Fidget Spinner in Space!

  “Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) get to conduct some extremely interesting space experiments. Nasa astronaut Randy Bresnik shared a video showing off how fidget spinners work in zero-gravity, which according to him was a “great...

5th Grade is Building!

  5th Grade has started their first major engineering project!  Above is a picture of the first day.  As you can see these cardboard creations are a wearable project.  Stay tuned for more pictures coming soon!