Wild Dolphins VR / 360° Video Experience

“Swim with wild dolphins in your own home through virtual reality. After almost a year of preperation and research, lots of brainstorm sessions and overcoming various obstacles, we filmed more than 80 wild spinner, and bottlenose dolphins each day for a whole...

Does Farting Make You Weigh Less?

  Ok, I have to admit that this is a odd science question to ask! But, it really is science!  Mark Rober (undergraduate & graduate degrees in mechanical engineering & worked at NASA! ) answers the question!  Link here for this really awesome...

Another New Super Viking Science Video

Inspired by your classmate”s video, I decided to do a bit of backyard science too!  I hope this encourages the rest of you to go into the backyard (or anywhere!) and do some science! Link here to watch the video

New Super Viking Science Video!

Its seems like some of you are keeping busy doing more than just online learning and hanging out.  One of your classmates was working with bubbles in their backyard and wanted to share what they were doing with you all.  Link here to watch the video.  Thanks!

Managing Your Workload

I just wanted to EVERYONE know where to find all the information they need to manage their work with me.  1st– supervikingscience,com is the place you will find all homework and blog announcements.  I would check the site everyday for new information....