St. vincent de paul school

Schoolwide Learning Expectations, Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement:

In partnership with parents as the primary educators of their children, St. Vincent de Paul School empowers its students by providing them with a quality Catholic education. The school inspires its students to live and deepen their faith, with a focus on the Gospel message that motivates them to respond to the needs of others. Students are encouraged to face with confidence the spiritual, academic, and social challenges of life from a Catholic world view.


St. Vincent de Paul School, assisting parents as the primary educators of their children, provides and promotes the development of the whole child—spiritually, morally, academically, physically, socially, and psychologically—with an educational program that encourages all students to reach their full academic potential. The goal for each student is age-appropriate mastery of the basic content and skills, coupled with a strong and morally ethical academic foundation.

Recognizing the inherent dignity and uniqueness of each student, and guided by the principles of our Catholic faith, St. Vincent de Paul School seeks to build an empathetic and compassionate community that embraces the challenges of a diverse world. Faith, self-discipline, and mutually high expectations for success are the foundations upon which St. Vincent de Paul continues to foster students in becoming productive, globally aware citizens of the future.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

Students at St. Vincent de Paul School are striving to become:

1. Committed Catholics Who:

a. have opportunities to experience a personal relationship with God
b. understand and can explain Catholic beliefs
c. live as Jesus taught us
d. realize that choices have consequences
e. can articulate their successes, failures, and motives

2. Lifelong Learners who:

a. demonstrate a mastery of the fundamentals in all subject areas
b. appreciate and create music and art
c. incorporate technology into research and skill building
d. develop critical thinking skills
e. work individually and as a group to meet challenges and solve problems
f. learn and exhibit healthy habits of competition

3. Effective Communicators who:

a. listen actively
b. write clearly, logically, and correctly
c. speak confidently and with poise

4. Responsible, Globally Aware Citizens who:

a. respect life in all its forms
b. understand and appreciate personal and cultural diversity
c. treat others with courtesy and respect
d. do what they can to help others

Meet the teacher.

Middle School Science Teacher & Life-Long Maker

Burak Arnas

“As an educator, I feel that it is vital for students to receive a well-balanced education that integrates the intellectual, physical, familial, social, and spiritual into its curriculum.  It is important that we look beyond just pure academics and strive to form the whole person in a safe and professional environment where both the student and the teacher can reach their full potential.  I am very excited to be part of St.Vincent’s School and contribute to its ongoing success and be influenced by its vision.”


• University of California at Davis – Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
• National University – Masters in Cross-Cultural Education
• California Teaching Credential