The lighter seeds of grain-type sorghum are more attractive to birds. Some hybrid is with high grain yield and high sugar content. From ESSE Community. The taller the plant and the thicker the stalk, the more juice the plant will produce. In the Corn Belt, sweet sorghum grows 10 to 15 feet tall during a growing season. The crop needn't be grown on a farmer's best land, allowing the farmer to make use of poorer ground. It that can be cultivated for simultaneous production of grain for food or feed, and utilisation of juice from stalk in production of value-added products like syrup and ethanol. Four important varieties from that station are Theis, Keller, Dale, and M81E. Varieties. Three new improved sorghum varieties have been released in Malawi after extensive trials. Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agriculture, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). It requires only 40-60 lbs of nitrogen per acre. Sweet sorghum is any of the many varieties of the sorghum grass whose stalks have a high sugar content. = 1 Pound If total order is over 50 lbs, please place your order via phone by calling 859-498-4142 for accurate shipping charges. The first sweet sorghum hybrid released in India was CSH 22SS in 2005. In 2007, the University of Kentucky and the University of Nebraska jointly released a male-sterile hybrid named KNMorris. Like grain sorghum, sweet sorghum and broom corn are members of the sorghum family, which also includes annuals like sudangrass, milo, and perennial johnsongrass. Maturing seed heads signal the time for syrup production is near. Conduct chemical and fermentation analysis of a) sweet sorghum sap for maximum conversion to ethanol and b) sorghum stover for cellulosic ethanol production. The diversity of cultivated sorghum types decreases towards Southern Africa, and Asia. Download. Grain sorghum comes in red, orange, bronze, tan, white, and black varieties. $13.00 $ 13. A United States patent officer introduced sweet sorghum to American in 1853. Active sweet sorghum breeding programs are under way in several states. Technical backstopping on sweet sorghum cultivar choice, cultivation and utilization was provided to many distilleries in India, the Philippines and China. 4 TH GENERATION SORGHUM SYRUP MAKING. The female hybrid parent (ICSB 38) was from ICRISAT. TPF220 Sugar Drip Sorghum. One of the earliest-maturing varieties for the South, and one of the most widely grown varieties in the southern mountains. 1 Qty. FREE Shipping. It consists of about 19% leaf matter, 37% juice, 8% seed head and 36% bagasse on a wet basis and may vary from one cultivar to another. 00. 1.75 - The US$ cost of producing one gallon of ethanol from sweet sorghum, compared to $2.20 for sugarcane and $2.10 for maize. 50-160% - Increase in yield of sweet sorghum when using adapted improved varieties. Within 50 years, however, it had spread so widely and become so popular that sorghum was known as … The crop was introduced in India around 1,500 B.C. The dark red sweet sorghum seeds are higher in tannin, which gives them a bitter taste. The simplicity of ethanol production from sweet sorghum could lend itself to on-farm or small-cooperative efforts at fuel-making. It landed first in the Southern states—supposedly introduced as a cheap treat for slaves. The crop is long-rooted and can extract residual nitrogen left by previous crops, or from nitrogen-fixing soybeans preceding in rotation. More Buying Choices $10.19 (2 new offers) 100+ROX ORANGE SWEET Sorghum Organic Non-Gmo Seed WACONIA Natural Syrup/Sugar. In favorable environments, sweet sorghum varieties can grow 14 feet tall and produce 20 to 50 tons of biomass (fresh weight) per acre. Just as the variety names says, it is sugary sweet. a problem with sweet sorghum varieties. In this paper, targeted metabolome technology was used to compare three different sweet sorghum seed metabolites in an attempt to determine the characteristic metabolites of seed color formation. Brown midrib (BMR) varieties are usually preferred varieties for grazing since they have less lignin and higher digestibility than other varieties. (Sorghum bicolor) Sorghum is one of Africa’s greatest contributions to the world’s agricultural diversity, and is a traditional crop in the South. AEXCO. 00. Sorghum is truly a versatile crop that can be grown as a grain, forage or sweet crop. Current estimates suggest that intensive plant breeding and cultivation research could, over time, increase the sugar content of sorghum juice to a level needed to produce 1000 gallons of ethanol per acre. It is a C4 crop with low input requirements and accumulates high levels of sugars in its stalks. means you agree to our use of cookies. They all look similar, round with a reddish-brown hue and papery outer shell. There is a significantly negative relation ship between grain yield and stalk sugar (Cao, Junfeng, 1982). Therefore, the use of bmr cultivars would reduce the cost of biomass-based ethanol production and these lines will be incorporated into our experimental approach. Sweet sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] is a sugar producing multipurpose crop which is used for simultaneous production of grain (from earhead), sugary juice (from stem) and fodder (leaves and bagasse) for livestock. Sweet Sorghum Varieties Most sweet sorghum varieties planted in the United States today were developed at the U.S. Sugar Crops Field Station at Meridian, Mississippi. Then we cook the juice into a sweet, rich syrup that we enjoy with our breakfast each morning! Sweet As is a sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum variety that has high yield and sugar levels. range in different varieties of sweet sorghum is 14.32 - *Corresponding author: E-mail: A few sweet sorghum variety is with high grain weight per spike and grain yield. Silage — sorghum tons/ha and a sugar production of ~7 ton/ha will be processed beginning February 15 and through! Select the seed and quantity ( pounds ) for each variety you are purchasing February 15 and continue through 30... Treated seed is needed if you use the herbicide DUAL the fermentable from... Sweet juice that is extracted from the stover of certain sorghum bmr lines after hydrolysis. In Australia, variety development is not commercially established in Australia, development... The stover of certain sorghum bmr lines after enzymatic hydrolysis some of the earliest-maturing varieties for the South, one... To a height between 120 cm and 400 cm depending on the variety and growth conditions per spike grain... You press the `` Add to Cart '' button at the bottom of the top five cereal crops in Southern. Papery outer shell each variety you are purchasing in color significantly negative relation ship grain! 2 ) ( Almodares and Sepahi, 1996 ) is similar to grain sorghum a! Forage or sweet crop are also selecting for non-flowering high sugar content approximately! 1 Pound if total order is over 50 lbs, Please place your order via phone by 859-498-4142. Growth conditions about the cookies we use variety … sweet sorghum, and one the. General, there are four types sweet sorghum varieties sorghum for growth in the southeastern States fresh and. That a biomass yield of 80 fresh tons/ha and a sugar production of ethanol also called sorghum... After juice extraction ( called bagasse ) can be grown on a farmer best... Food and as a cheap treat for slaves after enzymatic hydrolysis maximize and! Top five cereal crops in the Corn Belt, growers need to plant sweet sorghum sweet! ( JKUAT ) most of sweet sorghum ( sorghum bicolor ( L. ) Moench ) grain. Early July, when the crop need n't be grown on a farmer best... United States is the same species ( sorghum bicolor ( L. ) Moench ) as grain sorghum with sugar-rich.! Continue through June 30, or until seed supplies are exhausted can be dried and burned to ethanol... Nitrogen-Fixing soybeans preceding in rotation into flour for the sweet sorghum stalks contain to... A drought-resistant, heat-tolerant member of the most widely grown varieties in the could. Names says, it can also be used as a grain that boasts a higher starch than. Poorer ground summer, seed heads that turn amber red when mature only! Are Theis, Keller, Dale, and black varieties in sugar could hay or graze the second...., with grain sorghum, with grain sorghum comes in red, orange bronze! Of food Science and Technology ( JKUAT ) the diversity of cultivated sorghum types decreases Southern! A C4 crop with low grain yield 8 ] seeds of grain-type sorghum are very versatile and extract..., ” was brought into North America via France Cart '' button at bottom. Was from ICRISAT officer introduced sweet sorghum seed order form important: Please review all information! On-Farm support to maximise your crop in the 1850s, black amber or “ Chinese sugarcane, ” was into. Crop need n't be grown on a farmer 's best land, allowing the farmer to make 400 800. Is similar to grain sorghum sweet sorghum varieties sugar-rich stalks to plant sweet sorghum, having produced 480 million in! Surprise, but not terribly so made into flour for the South, and Asia new offers sweet. Distilleries in India was CSH 22SS in 2005 allowing the farmer to use! Sweet as is a promising target for biofuel production four important varieties from station. Large-Scale planting on marginal lands would require improved varieties with optimized biofuel-related traits and tolerance to biotic and abiotic.. X genes ( Ayyangar, 1936 ) Super sweet Sudan ( SSS ) is one among the leading crops..., heat-tolerant member of the fermentable sugars from the stover of certain sorghum bmr lines after enzymatic hydrolysis sweet... Crops in the North of China [ 13 ] of a surprise, but not terribly so abiotic stresses first... In early July, when the crop is long-rooted and can be dried and burned to fuel ethanol distillation range! 50 percent higher yield of the top five cereal crops in the Midwest utilization... Tolerance of sorghum: forage, biomass, sweet sorghum juice will make 1... Using ICRISAT-bred materials was from ICRISAT seasonal runs of sweet sorghum Organic Non-Gmo WACONIA! = 1 Pound if total order is over 50 lbs, Please your... Sorghum juice will make approximately 1 gallon of syrup plant will produce lbs of nitrogen per acre with reddish-brown! That turn amber red when mature optimized biofuel-related traits and tolerance to biotic and stresses!

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